About Me

Hi, Welcome
My name is Lola Love, I am a Nigerian based in Canada Mother of 5 beautiful God-given Children. I Am also a Believer in Christ Jesus.

Just a little introduction about me.
I am the Owner and Founder of Lola Love Naturals, @lolalovenaturals.

We are based in the Heart of Canada in the city of Stoney Creek ON. Lola Love Naturals is a black own business by a Nigerian Canadian immigrant.

She is a Mother of 2 beautiful Girls whose Natural Hair challenged her to create Lola Love Naturals. That was when she started the research on how to properly care for Naturals hair Textured Hair. And a product that can manage, nourish, grow and glow all Afro Textured Hair. This passion was what birthed Lola Love Naturals through experience and experiment with her two Daughter’s Natural Hair.

This discovery made her launch Lola Love Naturals on February 5th of 2022. All Natural ingredients product for all Afro Textured Hair.